Security Policies

We are committed to making your online purchase as safe and secure as possible. We respect our customer’s concerns about using credit cards online and we do provide alternative payment methods. If you pay by PayPal, you might prefer to use their safe and secure method of charging most major credit cards. Payment by funds in your Pay Pal account or by credit card will allow you to download immediately. Because of delays in delivery most customers find unacceptable, we do not accept e-checks.


We will collect information to enable us to fulfill your order; however, when paying via credit card online, your transaction will be re-directed to our merchant service provider, Pay Pal. Pay Pal uses secure processing servers, so your credit card information will never be seen by anyone but YOU and YOUR BANK. We do not keep any record of your credit card information, as this information is not processed by Recipes for Word. We’ve employed Pay Pal to do that. For further information, go to


You will notice a small padlock or key displayed in the taskbar, when you are transferred to the secure server. This is to indicate that you are connected to a Secure Server. You can view details by double clicking on the padlock or key, or by right clicking anywhere on the screen and selecting properties.


PayPal has some odd behaviors. If you have now or ever had a PayPal account, and that account used a specific credit card, and you’re now trying to charge your purchase directly (not through Paypal) to that same card, you may have your card declined. You will need to use another