APA Format Software Features


Paper Wizard for APA format software becomes a part of Microsoft Word 2003 – 2016 and includes Snatch-A-Citation and Grammar Wizard.

We all know how to hang a noun and verb together to make a sentence. Our most common error is word usage, already versus all ready, excessive adverbs and intensifiers like very, redundancies like climbed up and sat down, hackneyed phrases like the moment of truth. Grammar Wizard will find these and other potential problems, highlight them and bring them to your attention. With just a click, you can display the dictum you may have offended. Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, and other style guides are the source of these rules.

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Set your spacing between sentences correctly, eliminate unnecessary blank lines, and delete extra spaces at paragraph ends. This will make your document not only look good, but be easy to edit.

Need an APA format annotated bibliography? No problem. It’s included. You enter your annotation in the database, not some hack job to your reference list afterward.

Your citation database is fully editable, searchable, and reliable. Furthermore, an exclusive feature of Paper Wizard for APA is Snatch-A-Citation. With the provided online links, you can display citation references. With Snatch-A-Citation, you can snatch it, store it, and insert it in your paper with just a few mouse clicks. You needn’t worry about transcription errors. It’s all done in a few clicks. While other services allow you to get citations from only one service, with Snatch-A-Citation, if you can see it, you can snatch it. Oh, yes, you can still enter your citation data by typing it. Do it either way…maximum flexibility. Paper Wizard will sort out the different flavors and reformat them in the proper order. Easy. Learn more by clicking here.

If you wish to install this APA format software on both your laptop and desktop computers, no problem, you may do so at no extra charge and use our cloud server links like Dropbox.com

There are other software packages and services that do one or two things well. The prices vary from free to hundreds of dollars. Only the low cost Paper Wizard gives you a full tool box, full of tools, to make your task easier with a better grade. Why settle for less?

The Citation Wizard database will store your Virtual Note Cards (text and Internet links), and your citations. This database is reusable, searchable, flexible, and editable. You can enter your citation data by typing it, or by using Snatch-A-Citation. Use your citations in subsequent papers …they’re yours forever. There’s even a quick Backup button to ensure your work is safeguarded.

Included are easy links to Google Scholar and WorldCat to aid in your research and as a source of citation references you can Snatch. If you can see it, you can snatch it.

Compare us to the competition:

Only Paper Wizard has Grammar Wizard, the grammatical style and word usage checker. Only Paper Wizard has Book Doctor for spacing correction, font changes, and more.

Only Paper Wizard has Snatch-A-Citation. If you can see it, you can snatch a citation, store it and insert it your paper with only a few mouse clicks. Enter your citation data by typing or snatching…your choice.

Many of the competitive products, including Microsoft Word, are incomplete. They only support simple basic citations and not the full coverage of the APA Publication Manual Sixth Edition.

Many instructors are now requiring an Annotated Bibliography. Ensure the product you buy is not only Easy, but also Complete and has the ability to create an Annotated Bibliography, and not some kludge add-on after you’re done. Get Paper Wizard…easy and complete.

Paper Wizard … simply the best. See the video to see why. To view full-screen, after clicking Play, click on the monitor icon at the lower-right.